Sports Performance Training

Patriot Sports and Fitness Sports Performance Traing

Personalized performance training at Patriot Sports Performance.

Patriot Sports Performance training can be done in house or from a far with our online training programs.  We offer one on one and personalized small group training for all types of athletes. Our customized sessions can improve an athlete’s skills on the field, ice, mat, court or track by boosting the athlete’s strength, speed and power.  

Core Strength

Core Strength is vital not only for athletes but for everyday living. Having a bad back is usually caused by a weak core. Core strength is the ability to control one’s body. Being able to control your own body is critical if you ever want to move onto our other programs. With proper functional movements and proper body weight we can have a strong core. This in return will allow us the opportunity to increase an athlete’s speed, agility and power. This is what we refer to as the starting block for all athletes.

Speed and Agility

Each sport is different so depending on your sport and goals will help determine your personalized program when it comes to speed and agility. A baseball pitcher is different then a football player and here is where the movements will start to vary from athlete to athlete. Here we try to focus not only on speed but coordination. Why we run the way we run, throw the way we throw or hit the way we hit all require proper technique. The proper technique here will significantly increase an athlete’s speed and agility. This is what we refer to as fine tuning an athlete.

Power and Explosiveness

Power and Explosiveness training is what separates the good athletes from great athletes. This phase in training is critical to being well rounded. However this is also a critical phase when it comes to injury. If done wrong an athlete can very easily get hurt. That’s why at Patriot Sports Performance we make sure that our athletes have the proper strength and coordination before we start adding Power. If done backwards it’s a recipe for disaster. If done right it’s the difference from taking Gold instead of Bronze.