Find out what Patriot Sports and Fitness can do for you.

We are pleased that we have helped so many people lose weight and become more fit.  Here are just a few testimonials from our clients.

A Family Run Gym

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Nick and Tracy are the best. It is a family run gym and they treat their members like family. I recently was injured outside the gym and they sent flowers. What other gym would do this?! The Sprint 321 class is extremely challenging and Nick and Tracy pushed me to keep my heart rate at 90%. All the other classes are great too, but this one is my favorite. I have never left unhappy after a workout. They also have a weight loss challenge a few times a year and the group that did it lost close to 1000 pounds. It pushed me to start losing weight. They also have workouts tailored for kids and sports performance. Anyone looking to try an awesome workout go here! They offer the first class free too- That's how I got started there and I don't regret it!

Rachel K.

They Make You Feel Welcome

Monday, February 8, 2016

When you walk into Patriot you're not just walking into a gym, but a family. The owners, Nick and Tracey, are incredibly nice and make you feel welcomed. Their workouts are HARDCORE, yet they work for every fitness level. Since I started working out at Patriot I've lost 115 pounds within a 6month timeframe. My kids participate in their kids classes and absolutely LOVE it! They have grown to love eating healthy and working out; missing a class is punishment to them. To say that Nick and Tracey, along with the rest of the Patriot family, have changed mine and my children's lives seems like an understatement. Words can't begin to describe the gratitude I have for them for giving me my life back and helping me to raise my children to not have to deal with the struggles I've had to deal with. I highly recommend this gym to anyone who is serious or looking to get serious about their health and fitness. I have been to several different gyms, and there is no other gym that can offer you what Patriot can!

Alice E.