Annual Weight Loss Challenge

Our 2016 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge has come to an end and we have some amazing results to share!

  • 100 participants
  • 1000 lbs in 6 weeks as a Team
  • Our Grand Prize Male winner Brendan Fitz totaling an 18% loss and $1000 richer
  • Our Grand Prize Female was a tie. Aimee Moore and Lisa Lundstrum both at an 18.2% loss and $500 richer.

Stay tuned for our Annual Weight Loss Challenge in April of 2017 or send an e-mail if you are interested in our 6 Week Accountability Challenges throughout the year. 

"I can't believe how fast these 6 weeks went by! 7 weeks ago my sister sent me an email that she got from Patriot about the competition and I kind of brushed it off, the last time I had been here I was significantly thinner and was so worried I would be judged. I decided to message Mary Kate (who I've known since high school) and see if she wanted to do the competition with me, at first she didn't want to, I'm guessing in fear of judgement like me, but she started going back to patriot prior so we decided to take a few classes together, a few days later she decided she would do the competition and we both begged Tracey to be on her team. I am so thankful these last 6 weeks and that I've met so many amazing people and I'm especially thankful for Marykate being my motivator through out this all! Between the 2 of we've lost over 30 pounds! After having a doctor tell me just to deal with the fact that I'm meant to be "a bigger girl" it feels so amazing to prove her wrong and to be 1/3 of the way to my goal! I'm living proof that it is possible to be healthy and lose weight, even when people tell you that you can't! As happy as I am with my results, I'm super sad to see this competition end. Whether or not team Tracey won in the competition, I feel that we have grown so much and really achieved our personal goals! Everyone should be so proud of themselves for making it through!" - L. Papageorgiou